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A kitesurfing harness is one of the essential equipment that you will need when kitesurfing. And since your need to be safe and comfortable when kite surfing, you must be wondering what the best brand kite surfing harness is.

Since you have a long kitesurfing session, you will need a strong harness to support your lower back and protect you from back pain. Moreover, the harness should be supple to mold around the body with no difficult stiff equipment rubbing against the ribs and hip bone.

Due to the many brands on the market, finding the best kitesurfing harness can be overwhelming. Check out some of the best brand kitesurfing reviews to help you find what suits you best. 

Quick Glance: 8 Best Brands for Kite Surfing Harness 

Product Best for
#1. All Weather SportBest for Beginners
#2. FlexifoilBest for Premium Quality
#3. MysticBest for Extra Movement Freedom
#4. AFPBest for Whole Body Safety
#5. Malta DynamicsBest for Extra Protection and Safety
#6. DakineBest for Maximum Comfort
#7. Ride EngineBest Trustworthy and Famous
#8. IONBest for Rigid Design


8 Best Brands Kite Surfing Harness

All Weather Sport

The All-Weather Sports harness products are constructed for you. The brand took 2 years to develop and improve the kitesurfing harness.

Its products offer fast-release metal buckles, padded shoulder and leg straps,  multiple points of adjustment, and lock wing attachment. Also, it provides you with multiple points of wing connection and double-looped attachment points. 

The product from All Weather Sport has a beginner’s mind since they are designed to aid you in learning kitting and foot launching. Besides, its product is of high quality, comfortable and heavy-duty.

Do not worry about the size since it features a fitting design of up to 6 inches 260lbs you will love. This brand helps prepare for paramotoring, kiteboarding, paragliding, kiting, wing sports, ground handling, etc.


Flexifoil is a premium and trustworthy brand with superior quality and power kites in the market. This brand was first invented by the CEO of Flexifoil Internal, Anthony Van Dort, in 1972.  Sir Richard Branson trusted the brand and used it to fly his friends and family from England to France in 2012.

The Flexifoil brand is ideal if you want to have fun and learn kitesurfing skills. Besides, its products are easy to control, making them beginner-friendly. The Flexifoil products perform great during the lightest winds and are strong and reliable.

From a young kid to an adult, you will not miss a kite surfing harness that fits you best. With this brand, you are sure of great safety, quality, performance, and a comfortable flying experience.


The Mystic is an innovative pioneer brand in the windsurfing and kitesurfing world. Mystic kitesurfing harness is durable, serving with more years of having kite fun.  

This brand has constructed the best reputation worldwide through quality and sustainability. Not to mention the accessories, features, technology, and innovation for more fun in the air and water.

Whether you want to look for extra movement freedom or remain seated, the brand offers you a waist and seat harness. Moreover, it features softshell plates for more comfort.

Also, it offers you a wide harness range to fit your budget. So it does not matter whether you are figuring out its pursuit of pull, glide, or push: the brand will always fit your goal.


The AFP  brand features a universal whole body safety harness with a shock-absorbing tool lanyard. This brand’s products are stylish, premium safety designed by the American standard quality level.

Its shock-absorbing and tool lanyard with adjustable loops and self-locking carabiner helps reduce injury risks. Besides, they are designed with long-lasting nylon materials, metal hooks, and elastic rubber to lower the weight.

The brand is best for all-weather performance since it is heavy-duty, reliable, and comfortable. It features torsal adjustment, chest connector, fall indicator, ID label, and a dorsal D-ring that prevents corrosion in all conditions. 

Malta Dynamics

The Malta Dynamics brand offers complete protection of full body and safety gear. It’s a reliable, premium, and trustworthy kitesurfing harness brand with high-quality safety equipment and fall protection you will love.

It features self-retracting lifelines, lanyards, anchors, kits, personal equipment for protection, carabiners, rescue, and vertical assemblies of lifelines. Its products are perfect for labor-intensive works and construction where extra protection and safety are crucial.


The Dakine brand was first founded in 1979 in Hawaii. This brand is trusted for making skaters, snowboarders, kitesurfers, and many other board sporters accessories. Besides, it is a trustworthy brand for everybody.

The brand features a memory foam hip, kite, and seat harness for maximum comfort when kiting. Its premium quality and support make it a stand-out brand in the market.

If you want to start kitesurfing, the Dakine brand has your back since it’s constructed with beginner-friendly to advanced riders’ minds. Moreover, the products from this brand are durable, assuring you of endless kite fun.

Ride Engine

For years, Ride Engine has been famous in the kitesurfing harness field. Its lightness, stiffness, and comfort mean the harness remains firm when worn, making it the safety harness brand on the market.

In 2019, the Ride Engine proposed two models: prime and elite. The elite model is comfortable and lined with foam on the inside. Its product features a lumber lock that conforms to the lower back to prevent it from side to side twisting.


The ION offers a full kitesurfing range that is best for all levels and styles. This brand’s most famous models are Nova, Apex, and Riot Curv. Its products are designed with a composite material that offers resistance, lightness, and rigidity like carbon.

The inside lining foam offers exceptional adherence and comfort to the body yet avoids being soaked with the water. Its ergonomic design will amaze you as it protects the trapeze from rotating or rising.

The rigid design of the ION products perfectly distributes tension without straining the back. Furthermore, its compact structure does not limit any movement. It does not matter your gender; the ION brand has got what suits you best.

Final Thoughts

The kitesurfing harness decision is mostly underestimated since many consider it an accessory other than kitesurfing fundamentals.

But think of its function to your body and understand how the trapezoid makes a huge difference to the back. With the above reviews, I believe that you will find the best brand kitesurfing harness to suit you. 

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Dawn Seagull

We all know surfing is life! The thing is you sometimes need better info to catch the good wave or the best wind.
So I want to share what I found from years on the waves - with or without the kite.

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We all know surfing is life! The thing is you sometimes need better info to catch the good wave or the best wind.
So I want to share what I found from years on the waves – with or without the kite.

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