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Kite surfing is undoubtedly one of the best adrenaline-packed action games, and if you are looking for a kite to participate in, you are in the right place. This post will feature some of the best kite surfing kites to get you rolling. 

Buying a kite for kite surfing purposes is never an easy task. With many imitations in the market, it is almost guaranteed that you will end up with a low-quality kite that will bring about undesirable performances.

Safety while kite surfing is crucial, and the recent technological advancements in kite technology have seen improvements in more advanced safety measures and intelligent technology.

Without much further a do let’s get you that perfect kite. 

At a Glance: Best Kite Surfing Kites

Surfing KiteBest for
1. FLEXIFOIL KiteTravelling Purposes
2. Besra Huge Dual Line KiteFashionwise
3. Ocean Rodeo KiteLight winds
4. Slingshot Trainer KiteBeginners
5. Ochine Parafoil KiteKids and adults
6. HQ KitesDurable
7. Prism Tantrum KiteHigh speeds

Best Kite Surfing Kites – Our Top 7 Picks

1. Best for Travelling Purposes: FLEXIFOIL Kite

If you are a kite surfer who travels to various locations to do kite surfing, this kite might be the right one for you. FLEXIFOIL kite is a simple kite designed uniquely to allow being carried around easily.

This kite is super lightweight and can be packed into a smaller size that can fit into a suitcase perfectly. You can also store it under the front seat or boot of the car due to its small size when folded, based on your preference.

FLEXIFOIL kite takes two to three minutes to be set up fully. This is because it has simple structures that barely require any teachings to understand how they operate.  

It is expertly designed with flying lines, a control bar, and a stylish carry-bag that makes it arrive while ready to fly. Its material is also made of a virtually indestructible material that is durable enough and guarantees you years of service without getting destroyed. It also takes approximately five minutes to fully learn how to use the kite as it is user-friendly.

With FLEXIFOIL kite, you will surely take your skill to the next level.  

Best Fashionwise: Besra Huge Dual Line Kite

The Besra huge dual-line kite is designed to deliver ultimate performance in various weather conditions while accommodating a wide range of riding styles. If you usually kitesurf in an area where the weather keeps on changing instantly, this kite should be your best bet without any doubt due to its strength.

Its material build quality features tear-proof nylon clothing that is sturdy enough to resist damage and tear, even during rough handling. The strength of its material allows it to withstand high speeds without receiving any damage.  

The dual-line shape formed increases the kite’s performance regardless of the angle of attack and the wind conditions. Therefore if there is any change in the wind conditions while racing, your kite will still consistently provide the power required.

It is also designed in a colorful fashion pattern that makes you look uniquely fashionable compared to other kites on the shore. It is easy to fly; therefore, if you are a beginner, you will learn to fly it quickly compared to other kites. The Besra dual-line kite unapologetically provides the ultimate high-end fashion surfing experience.

Best for Light Winds: Ocean Rodeo Kite

As we all know, kite surfing requires moderate wind levels for maximum performance since most kites are built to handle moderate wind. However, things are set to change with the new Ocean Rodeo kite.

It is almost impossible for most kites to surf in light wind conditions since their build quality does not allow such. However, the Ocean rodeo kite, in this case, is built differently.

This kite is built with a wide arc angle forming a large area that creates maximum power per square meter. The power enables fast dynamic riding and big lofty jumps even in light winds.

Its material is built using a new dimension polyant Dacron reinforced with Teijin tech force rip, making it lightweight. At approximately 10 pounds, this kite is not just built to fly in the light wind; it is built to perform and delivers when required.

Lastly, it can also attain high-speed levels in light winds, a rare occurrence while surfing in such winds. You will love this kite if you prefer surfing in light winds.

Best for Beginners: Slingshot Trainer Kite           

If you are a beginner, surfing using normal kites may be difficult and takes time to learn. Using normal kites requires applying certain skills that can be easily learned using a trainer kite.

Using the new Slingshot trainer kite, you can learn basic kite skills at your own pace. With a trainer kite, you will get first-hand experience of how it feels like to ride on a kite.

The first-hand experience will help you develop coordination and build the muscle memory needed for kitesurfing. You will understand how to control a kite in different wind conditions, helping you know what to do and what not to do in various circumstances.

The kite also has a streamlined surface designed to boost its aerodynamic abilities making it easy to control even in the tough wind. Since this kite is easy to control, it’s not only meant for beginners; you can grab one even if you are experienced, as it will help you polish your skills in different areas of kite skating.

Best for Both Kids and Adults: Ochine Parafoil Kite          

Most kites come with a specified range of ages for use. However, the new Ochine Parafoil kite has a different plan as it can be used by kids and adults and still perform accordingly.

Ochine parafoil kite has a fabric made from lattice cloth that is strong and durable. This fabric is light and can survive two to six-level wind power.

Since it comes without a frame or loose parts, it can be easily folded and packed in a bag or a small compartment. Its compatibility makes it easy to be carried around as it is always travel-ready.

The build quality of this kite is also top-notch since its angles are bent to form a wide arc. This wide arc creates maximum power per square meter that propels the kite.

The equipment that accompanies this kite is easy to learn and operate. They, therefore, give kids and adults an easy time while handling the kite.

Best Durable: HQ Kites

If you are looking for a kite that will last you long enough, look no further. The new HQ Kites come with a uniquely durable material that is strong and can take you for years without getting destroyed.

Its material is a rip-stop polyester that is tough enough to resist breakage. It also has stunt foils that fill with air when spread forming a wing shape structure. This wing shape structure helps achieve aerodynamic stability that is strong enough to remain airborne as long as there is enough wind power.

The size of the HQ kite is wide enough in length and width to support enough power per square meter. The power generated is enough to sustain and propel the kite on air.

The polyester material can also support wind speeds from six to 31 mph. With such a wide range of wind speeds, you can extend your fun to many different surfing locations without worrying much about being affected by wind speeds.

Best for High Speeds: Prism Tantrum Kite

If you are a fan of high-speed surfing, consider yourself one of the lucky ones since you have just landed in the right spot. With the new Prism tantrum kite, you can get to quench your thirst for the high-speed adrenaline rush that comes by when operating the kite.

Prism Tantrum kite is considered a speed demon due to its streamlined nature that helps so much with its aerodynamic abilities. Its frameless design also helps make the kite lighter, making it blast to fly without supporting much weight.

This kite also has a padded control bar for a comfortable and stable grip. Such a stable grip makes operating basic controls easy without straining your wrists.

It also has a safety leash that helps keep you safe when operating at high speeds. The safety leash also has a wrist strap that keeps the kite from being blown away during intense kitesurfing moments.

If you want the best experience of high-speed kitesurfing, Prism tantrum is the best type of kite to place your bet on. Apart from offering high speed, it also offers advanced safety measures that help keep you safe while kitesurfing at high speed.  

Wrap Up

Getting a quality kite from the market is daunting but worry no more. In the post above, we have categorized each kite according to where they perform best.

The kites above are made from high-end quality materials that guarantee you nothing but top-tier performance. From speed to durability, you will enjoy the money you invest in buying a kite from the above samples. All the best as you pick your poison.   

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Dawn Seagull

We all know surfing is life! The thing is you sometimes need better info to catch the good wave or the best wind.
So I want to share what I found from years on the waves - with or without the kite.

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We all know surfing is life! The thing is you sometimes need better info to catch the good wave or the best wind.
So I want to share what I found from years on the waves – with or without the kite.

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